Invest in whisky

With high yields

Invest in whisky barrels – become a whisky investor

The performance of whisky as an investment is generally above average. This effect is even more pronounced for special whiskies from special operations.

Our Stonewood whisky distillery is Germany’s oldest whisky distiller, with extensive experience and a wealth of whisky production expertise. The varieties distilled here are among the first whiskies known in Germany and enjoy a special reputation among connoisseurs. Stonewood 1818 is actually the oldest known German whisky.

By investing in our whisky barrels, interested parties not only invest their funds but also participate in the development of Stonewood and experience it up close.

How does it work?

The whisky investor pays the Stonewood Whisky Distillery a certain amount for a barrel (depending on the variety). This amount bears interest while the barrel is in storage. For the duration of storage, the barrel becomes the investor’s property. When the barrel is emptied at the end of storage, the whisky investor receives the total amount plus interest. The barrel becomes the distillery’s property again.

Naturally all of this is documented in a contract. And: The whisky investor receives a certificate attesting to ownership of the barrel.

Transparency and a trusting relationship with whisky investor along with the interest of investors in their whisky are of special importance to us. Personal contact, viewing the barrels and touring the distillery are therefore desirable and possible at any time by appointment.

Please contact us if you are interested in a whisky investment.

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