The Bavarian Whisky

It all started a long time ago with Johann Baptist Schraml: With his grain distillery in Erbendorf back in the year 1818, he laid the foundation for what has now become our family’s more than 200-year distilling history. Six generations have dedicated themselves to the art of distilling with all their passion, great pioneering spirit and the highest standards.

We committed ourselves to whisky more than 100 years ago, making us Germany’s oldest whisky distillery.

This very long tradition of dedication to whisky, combined with the accumulated know-how of the Schraml generations passed down to this day, is found in every bottle of Stonewood. So is the way in which we perceive whisky. The grain of our homeland determines the unmistakable character and aroma of a Stonewood whisky. Just the grain. That is our puristic concept.


The sandy, rocky soils between Steinwald and Waldnaabtal provide our raw materials. The farmers and malsters who supply our grain live here too. And they grow with us. The land plays a role. Home. Heimat.


We mash and lauter. We use various strains of yeast, different kinds of malt. We distil multiple times. We do everything ourselves. That is what we have learned. Over more than 200 years.

Each of our 4 BAVARIANS has its own character, and we give them all the time they need to mature this to perfection. Thus they develop personalities. And we are with them all the way.


We take our time here at Stonewood. Time to let things mature. Our whiskies and our ideas. We have been here for a long time. And we are staying.